My Approach

I look to find the correct tools for your company to increase your business flexibility and speed.

This can easily be done by just asking the correct questions coupled with an understanding of the tools available.

The Story

I have found a simple way in which companies can improve their outcomes simply by choosing modern tools and connecting the dots

About me

I'm fascinated by how companies work, the systems and leadership that is in place & how these can be changed to facilitate improvement of a businesses efficiency and outcomes.

I believe that continued forward momentum is key to enabling the greatest potential achievements in people and organisations. My part of this is to influence positive change.

The overall purpose of my employment history has been to find the correct tools for companies so that they can perform to the best of their ability allowing them to move forwards towards achieving their goals.

I’ve done this by questioning the now to see where there are areas of potential improvement. To enable this I greatly enjoy reading and researching by speaking to relevant stake holders and people with knowledge in the subject. I seek to put my knowledge into practice whilst continuously evaluating my own work and seeking feedback. I am always excited to share what I’ve learnt and to support others in helping individuals and teams get to their goals.

In a recent position I changed the operational systems of a company which showed me the world of software available which connects all operational areas together with dedicated experts focussing on the areas that they are passionate about whilst allowing simple connections to other areas. Like having a board of directors focussed on their business areas.

Robert Marshall

I believe that the world can be changed by the optimists dedicated to positive improvement

Next Steps...

If you would like to know more or just have a chat please send me a message from the contact page